Prepare employees for the unexpected

Recent plots by terrorist organisations including the disturbing attempt to blow up an aeroplane using a bomb that supposedly contains little to no metal to pass through airport security, puts employee safety under the spotlight. As terrorism is again in the headlines, companies must consider what they have in place to keep their most important assets – their people – safe.

Vismo Global Tracking solutions was officially launched at IFSEC 2012, 14th – 17th May. Vismo is a small application that is installed on a smartphone and tracks the owners’ location throughout the world. Vismo is different to other tracking solutions; its ‘always on’ tracking provides live and historical positioning as opposed to the very limited capabilities of on demand tracking alone. Vismo ascertains the location of the device using GPS but when GPS is not available, Vismo can also track using assisted GPRS and cell tower locations.

Location information is then communicated to a secure server creating a trail of where the device owner has been. Battery life is key when using tracking solutions and Vismo’s patent pending technology includes fixes every 15 minutes during the day and every hour during the night, massively reducing battery drain (fix intervals are fully customisable). This history provides a record if the worst were to happen and the cellular network is saturated or taken down. Even if the device is destroyed the latest location information would be safely available on the secure server. Vismo’s stored, existing telemetry will allow your crisis management centre to find the last location of the device and then take appropriate action.

As the threats that surround us evolve, it becomes more important than ever to adapt and improve the technology we have in place to keep employees safe.

For more information on Vismo and its potential applications please visit Vismo will also be exhibiting at ASIS 2012 in Philadelphia in September.