Vismo increases map detail with Google

The latest version of Vismo is now equipped with Google Maps which supplies far greater detail in more remote areas of the globe. Previously Vismo used Bing maps exclusively, now users can choose between the two mapping applications within Vismo and choose their preferred map view.

Client requests for detailed coverage in some of the most remote areas of Africa highlighted the need for a solution as comprehensive as Google Maps. By providing unmatched levels of local detail on a global basis, Google Maps provides Vismo users access to even greater detail and historical trail information.

The images below show how the level of detail provided by Google Maps in certain areas is superior to Bing Maps.

Both mapping applications will remain available on Vismo including the pseudo-3D ‘birds eye’ view that remains a popular feature of Bing Maps. In the new version of Vismo users can easily switch between the two maps applications in individual’s user profile.increased-map-detail