Vismo Global Tracking on iPad

Vismo has extended its range of Global Tracking Solutions to support the Apple iPad.

The iPad has revolutionised the way international business travellers stay in contact with their office. Increasing numbers of travellers are opting to use the iPad as their only form of communication whilst overseas, leaving their laptop and mobile at home.

Vismo for iPad turns an iPad into a mobile tracking device, with panic-button capability, enabling a crisis management team to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to high-risk areas of the world. Vismo on iPad enables you to track the latest position of any employee, their journey as they travel through different countries and allows on-demand GPS location fixes.

Vismo on iPad has the added advantage of allowing users to access the secure web server where they can directly monitor the whereabouts of their personnel whilst they are travelling.

The operator has the capability to view Vismo user locations directly on the iPad as well as their historical trails. If users stray into a user defined Geo-fence or activate the panic-button, the operator will receive the alerts via their iPad. This new mobile capability means that monitoring workforce safety can be done on-site or on the move and is not restricted to the traditional, static crisis management center.

Vismo is now supported on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile. In remote parts of the world where there is no GSM coverage, Vismo is available on Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones.