Berg Insight identifies Vismo in the specialist ‘security app’ sector

Berg Insight, a market leader in business intelligence, has identified Vismo and its mobile GPS personnel tracking capabilities in its latest report on location based services:

Vismo: Specialises in security apps for international travellers

Vismo provides a handset location service that enables location of smartphones using a web platform. The solution is intended to provide companies and individuals the ability to track, protect and respond to employees and users as they travel to higher-risk areas worldwide. The location software can be installed through SMS, email, web or invisibly via BES for BlackBerry handsets. Vismo supports Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone smartphones as well as Iridium and Thuraya satellite handsets.

The software uses GPS, Cell-ID and Wi-Fi location, with updates sent every 15 minutes at daytime and every hour at night-time to the Vismo server, which is available as a hosted service. Via SMS and email, managers can receive numerous alerts such as country change, panic alerts with 20 second covert voice recordings, geo-fenced area entrance or exits and low battery level. Vismo cooperates with Securitas that provides alarm receiving services. Customers can also get medical and security services from Global Rescue. In August 2012, there were nearly 5,000 users of the Vismo service worldwide, for instance from the construction, finance and media sectors.

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