Vismo keeps travelling students safe

During the peak summer travel season, many students travel around the world with the People To People Ambassador programmes. The programmes travel to many destinations around the world covering Europe, China and much of Australasia.

While the students are off seeing the world, Vismo helps parents as well as the People To People Programmes ensure the students stay safe. Vismo allows each student carrying a smartphone to be located by a pin icon on a digital map, representing a child’s location and ultimately delivering peace of mind for parents.

During 2012, over 1,000 units were used by the various People To People programmes around the world. The security and peace of mind delivered to both parents wanting to know the location of their child and to those running the programme have been of immense value.

Vismo’s BlackBox feature allows parents to monitor the usage of each device and view call records and SMS messages. The feature gives parents the added comfort of being ‘in-the-loop’ of on-going activities during their child’s trip.

Mike Bowers, Senior Director of Health and Safety at People to People Ambassador Programmes said, “Once you have something as cool as this, every year you want to make it even more impressive. In 2011, Vismo added a panic button to the phone. The leader or student carrying the phone can simply push a button and an alert call goes out to Vismo, me, and a duty officer who is at the People to People Ambassador Program office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, once the button is pressed, the phone records 20 seconds of all sounds going on around the phone.”

Vismo has recently launched on iPad and has added the ability to track individuals on Google maps as well as Bing maps, providing fully comprehensive global mapping coverage.