Are you prepared for the unexpected?

A major crisis can happen anywhere in the world and Vismo can ensure you are there for your employees when the time comes.

Crises and natural disasters cannot be prevented and are unpredictable by nature; however through proper warnings and post-disaster recovery procedures, the effects can be significantly reduced.

When a crisis or disaster hits, speed is of the essence.  If a member of your team is trapped beneath the rubble of a building destroyed in an earthquake, every minute of delay may mean the difference between life and death.  Having the ability to pin point your team members and deliver reassurance and appropriate advice is vital.

With People Search from Vismo, your staff can be located within a disaster zone by a number of different methods.  This could be within a defined radius, a specific Geofence, or by their activation of the built-in panic button feature.  Once they have been located, an SMS can be sent to key security and support staff within your organisation that includes support information allowing rescue services to find their exact location.Vismo Tracking

Contact Vismo now to protect your employees and when a crisis hits you can find everyone in the area in an instant, possibly saving lives.