Vismo launches personal trackers

The new Vismo Personal Trackers are a light-weight, personal tracking solution designed for business travellers and employees working in high risk environments.  They are designed to be easy to operate and with their small size and weight very easy to conceal at about the same size as a match box.

Like the Vismo Smartphone Application, the Personal Trackers use the mobile network to send location reports and emergency alerts to the Vismo Secure Website.  These alerts can be forwarded to anyone within the organisation or to an external Crisis Management Centre giving the user confidence that in the event of an emergency they will be given the appropriate advice or assistance.

Small enough to be concealed in a pocket, briefcase or handbag the Vismo Personal Trackers come preconfigured to send back fixes every 10 minutes giving 10 days of battery life from just one charge with the option to update any devices changes “over the air” using SMS commands.

To find out more about Vismo Personal Trackers and how they can improve the safety of your employees, please Contact Us today.