Vismo for BlackBerry 10 launches on BlackBerry World

Vismo has taken another leap forward with the release of Vismo Global Tracking for the BlackBerry 10 range of devices and is the natural successor to those organisations already running Vismo on BlackBerry.

Vismo is now available to download from BlackBerry World making the process of adding Vismo to BlackBerry 10 devices quick and straight forward.

Using the latest location technology from BlackBerry, Vismo is now able to utilise Wi-Fi Positioning which takes advantage of the rapid growth of wireless access points in urban areas. This means it is possible to get location fixes in areas where ordinarily GPS signals are unattainable i.e. Shopping Malls and Airports, giving increased accuracy when trying to pinpoint a member of staff, especially if GPS coverage remains an issue for an extended duration.

If you have moved or are moving to BlackBerry 10, and would like a trial of Vismo please don’t hesitate to contact us.