Vismo gives you pings…

Vismo has supplied Red Bull with Android tracking for their “Can you make it?” competition.

The idea is that 100 teams of students attempt to travel across Europe with nothing but Red Bull cans as currency. The first team to make it to Berlin gets a massive party thrown for them and something to make their CV sparkle.

The rules are simple; the teams start at one of the many checkpoints across Europe and have to make their way through a route devised by Red Bull which includes a number of checkpoints. At each checkpoint the teams get tasked with a fun challenge and rewarded with more cans of Red Bull to barter with if they succeed.

They are not allowed money (although emergency funds are provided to get them out of any tight spots), personal phones, pre-organised modes of transport and they are not allowed to use frequent flyer miles either. All each team has is 24 cans of Red Bull.

Each team is equipped with a Moto G phone with Vismo installed so that the race organisers can track the location of the team’s positions and if something goes wrong the team can raise the alert by pressing the panic button. Also, all the check points have been geo-fenced so the organisers know when one of the teams reaches it.

The screen shot below shows the teams on the Vismo Secure Website as they move toward Berlin.

For more information on the Red Bull “Can you make it?” competition, visit