Vismo Walks the Nile

On 3rd December 2013, Levison Wood took the first steps of his 4,250 mile expedition, beginning a unique exploration of the continent in the most ambitious and intimate way possible: walking every step of the Nile from source to delta and in the process encountering modern Africa – its people and its wildlife – face to face and from ground level.

It wasn’t just one of the last, great ‘firsts’ in global exploration but also opened up a cross-section through a continent undergoing extraordinary change, and revealed details of six very different but equally fascinating countries.Technology

The expedition started in the highlands of Rwanda and followed the river on its meandering course through the jungles of Tanzania and Uganda, skirting Lake Victoria. Ahead are the wilds of South Sudan – the world’s newest country. After navigating the immense wetlands of the Sudd swamp – the biggest in the world – Levison will cross into North Sudan and then traverse the Sahara desert, around Lake Nasser and into Egypt for the final 1000 mile walk to the sea.

Tom McShane (Operations Director-Secret Compass) “Vismo was used to support Levison during his walk. Knowing the location of Levison and the support team was vital in securing the safety of the team during the walk. Vismo gave us immediately visibility of where the team were, where they had been and importantly if something went wrong we knew we’d receive an immediate panic notification”.

His journey will be broadcast on Channel 4 in early 2015 or if you’d like more information on Secret Compass visit