Travel safer with Vismo

The journey from the airport to the hotel is often the most dangerous for the unsuspecting traveller.

You arrive late in the evening at the airport and having finally worked your way around the complex visa process, you get to arrivals only to find the driver you have booked to take you to the hotel isn’t there. You try unsuccessfully to contact the hotel to send another driver but ultimately resort to taking a chance with a local taxi or one of the “private” drivers hanging around the arrival area.

Once in the taxi you are very much at the behest of the driver and very often have no idea where in the city you are going.

With the latest release of Vismo on your iPhone, your Security Team have already Geo-fenced high risk area of the city and will be notified if your taxi strays into an “unauthorised area”. You will also be able to see these areas on your mobile phone and also receive an alert if you enter the area. Once you receive the notification you can immediately see your position on your iPhone and get your driver to take an authorised route to your hotel. If in doubt the traveller could of course activate the panic button signifying an escalation is required.

Travel safer with Vismo

Vismo’s next exhibition is at the Business Travel Show in the Grand Hall Olympia, London on the 25th to the 26th of February. If you’d like a demo, come and see us on stand B729. Alternatively, visit our new and improved website