Vismo tracks 6500km Amazon River Run expedition

In 2015, two adventurers will set off on an expedition to Kayak the 6,500 kilometres of the longest and largest river in the world, the Amazon. Olie and Tarran will be tracked for the entire journey using a combination of Vismo on their mobile phones and the RockSTAR Satellite Tracker for those areas where there is no mobile coverage.

The RockSTAR is ideal for the expedition environment as it offers truly global coverage using the Iridium Network and has a battery life of over 2500 transmission from a single charge…and it’s waterproof which is ideal when you’re going to be spending 3 month in a kayak!

The Amazon River is made up of hundreds of different rivers with multiple starting points in 5 different countries. The longest tributaries start high up in the Andes mountain range and travel thousands of kilometres east before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

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