Vismo tracks Levison Wood across the Himalayas

Having traversed the Nile, former paratrooper Levison Wood also took up the challenge to walk the 1,700-mile length of the Himalayas. It’s was an even tougher journey than the Nile walk, but on both occasions he was tracked by Vismo.

Levison is one of the few TV explorers who eschews the beaten track, beginning in a very different Afghanistan to the one we see in the news: snow-capped mountains, miles of nothingness and the occasional nomadic tribe. After the chief has ascertained that he’s not a member of ISIS, he’s honoured with a meal of meat and served the best bit: sheep eyeball. His game grin only freezes when the altitude takes its toll and the threat of an avalanche looms.

Levison’s entire journey was documented and is currently being shown on C4.  Beginning in Afghanistan through Pakistan, and Kashmir in India, he pushed himself to his physical limits as he trekked 1,700 miles across the roof of the world, teaming up with local guides and meeting soldiers, monks and nomadic tribes. As well as battling natural obstacles, from punishing terrain to altitudes above 5,000m, Levison had to tread carefully through one of the most fought-over areas of the world but was always confident in the knowledge that if something went wrong (as it did) his support crew would be able to immediately identify his position and offer necessary assistance.

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