Battery Drain on Global Tracking Solutions

Historically the drain caused by tracking solutions has been an issue, however, this is no longer the case. The increased use of geo-locations (local Wi-Fi networks) that have been mapped and a lat/long assigned to them has significantly reduced the battery drain and location accuracy. This can be seen when you turn off your Wi-Fi and you get the very familiar with the message below.1

The use of geo-locations has also enabled us to get locations indoors like airports, shopping malls railway stations etc. This, coupled with the improvement of GPS chip technology, means that battery drain with Vismo is as little as 1% per week. In fact, the battery drain from my Home and Lock Screen is 7%!


Vismo has a patent specifically to cover the design behind the algorithms and innovative operations of the Vismo tracking software to optimise location accuracy with minimal battery drain.

The algorithms use a combination of metrics from the phone such as speed, GPS, network information and cell tower locations to determine optimal accuracy for locations from the device, without incurring the large battery drain usually typical of GPS tracking applications.

Fundamental to the approach is how Vismo utilizes the functionality of mobile devices, minimising the use of navigational sensors by placing them into hibernation between pre-determined intervals and using environmental information to quickly locate a device without lengthy GPS warm-up periods. Ultimately, this produces a chronological ‘trail’ following a user’s location point-by-point on a map with minimal battery drain.

Colin Dale

Business Development Director