Vismo Global Tracking Application now available on Windows 10 Mobile

Vismo-Windows-PhoneVismo uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best location service tracking updates, even indoors. Our patented technology works globally on GSM, 3G, WCDMA and CDMA networks. Vismo is also available on selected satellite phones providing tracking and security in the most remote places on Earth.
One of the most reassuring features of Vismo is the panic button. Pressing the panic button sends an immediate alert from the device to the central monitoring servers. The moment this is received, Vismo initiates SMS and email alerts to defined recipients containing details of the Vismo user and their location, allowing them to offer immediate advice on the particular situation. Whilst this is happening, Vismo will covertly record an audio clip which is and sent back to the central monitoring website where it can be played back and analysed.

Vismo uses real time Geo-Fencing capabilities, which use virtual fences around a real-world geographic area and alert employees via SMS and E-mail when they move into high-risk areas or leave safe zones. In using this feature, a user’s ability to prevent potential situations and respond effectively to an incident is enhanced.


Colin Dale, Business Development Director, Vismo, said “Vismo is a unique GPS tracking app that turns any smartphone or tablet into a Mobile Tracking device. International travellers can enhance their safety throughout the world as administrators track, protect and respond to their travellers using Vismo technology.”

“We’re delighted that Vismo is making their tracking application available to Microsoft customers,” said Craig Dewar, Senior Director of Windows Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “By offering the app in the Windows Store, Vismo makes it easy for mobile users to benefit from its safety functionality.”

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