Vismo’s Global Tracking Application to be used during US Elections on 8/11/16

Vismo’s Global Tracking Application will be used on the smartphones of British journalists and Media Personnel covering the US Presidential Election and the House of Representatives and Senate Elections on November 8th, 2016. Individuals equipped with Vismo will include national newspapers, public and commercial TV and radio broadcasters.

US Elections 2016U.S. officials have issued a warning to law enforcement agencies about potential threats timed around Tuesday’s elections. With the elections predicted to pose a potential high-risk, Vismo will be key to maintaining the safety and security of these individuals. Specifically, the application will allow them to counter threats to their personal security in the event of any incident that might endanger themselves and their colleagues.

If a user finds themselves in a crisis situation, the ability to locate the exact position and give appropriate advice will be vital. Precise GPS location fixes and the availability of historical longitude and latitude information during crisis situations around the world has resulted in many organisations turning to Vismo as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

“Hopefully there will be no incident that requires the use of our application, but in the unfortunate event that there is, Vismo will gather, send and share information with one outcome in mind: ensuring the safety of users and their colleagues and anybody else in the vicinity” said Colin Dale, Business Development Director of Vismo.

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