The Vismo Team tracks down Levison Wood!

Colin-Levison-WoodThe Vismo Team were delighted to meet British explorer, best-selling author and photographer Levison Wood at his performance of ‘An Evening with Levison Wood’ at the Grand Opera House, York. Levison Wood is currently touring the UK as he shares his experiences and behind the scenes moments from his extended walking expeditions across Africa, Asia and Central America, and on all occasions, Levison was tracked by Vismo.

In 2014, Levison undertook his first ever expedition, walking the entire length of the River Nile over the course of 9 months. In 2015, Levison took on an even more ambitious expedition to walk the length of the Himalayas from Afghanistan to Bhutan. Levison’s most recent expedition involved walking 1800 miles along the length of Central America from Mexico to Columbia. All expeditions had been documented in critically acclaimed Channel 4 series’, namely ‘Walking the Nile’, ‘Walking the Himalayas’ and ‘Walking the Americas’. All episodes can be viewed via the following link:

Vismo was integral to ensuring the safety and security of Levison during these expeditions, as Vismo was enabled on his smartphone with Tracking and Panic Button capabilities. Levision was reassured in the knowledge that in the event that something went wrong, his support team would be able to immediately identify his location through Vismo and provide necessary assistance.

For further information on Vismo and our work with Levison, please don’t hesitate to contact Colin Dale on +447566610610 or

Vismo to exhibit at 16th ASIS Europe Exhibition in Milan


Vismo will be in Milan, Italy, March 29 to March 31, 2017 at the ASIS 16th European Security Conference & Exhibition— the world’s most influential security event.

Vismo is following on from a successful ASIS Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, where the Vismo-Alert was chosen by the ASIS International organisation as a winner of the 2016 ASIS Accolades competition. Recognised as one of the most innovative solutions for 2016 – The Vismo-Alert is a personal alarm system that connects to the Vismo Smartphone Application via Bluetooth and overcomes the need for the user to unlock their device when activating the Panic Button, allowing for a faster and more covert emergency response.

The Vismo Team will demonstrate how its ability to pin-point an individual on the ground and correlate their position is key to maintaining the safety and security of individuals. Additionally, if a staff member finds themselves in a crisis situation, its ability to locate the exact position and give appropriate advice is vital and could save lives. Precise GPS location fixes and the availability of historical latitude and longitude information during crisis situations around the world has resulted in many organisations turning to Vismo as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

Within the past few weeks, the Vismo platform has been revamped with a fresh new website design and layout to create further ease in use of the platform. Vismo has also made additional technical developments to further heighten the safety and security of the end-user, and these developments will be first launched at the ASIS Europe 2017 exhibition in Milan.Vismo-Torches

If you are attending the ASIS exhibition, come and visit the Vismo team at stand D3 where you can try out Vismo’s award-winning functionalities and products for yourself. Grab a free Vismo flashlight from us, too!

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