Vismo makes charitable donation to both Unicef and Mango Tree Home, Haiti

Global tracking specialist Vismo, has made a charitable donation to Unicef and Mango Tree Home, Haiti.

Rather than sending Christmas cards and corporate gifts to customers, Vismo made the decision to make two donations. Firstly, to support Unicef’s relief efforts in Liberia, to help feed a child’s future. Secondly, to support Mango Tree Home Haiti, to protect orphans and abandoned children.


The children of Liberia should have big dreams and bright futures. There should be no limit to what they can achieve. Sadly, thousands of children don’t have the chance to reach their full potential. Thousands will never grow up at all. It doesn’t have to be like this. If children receive the right nutrition at the start of their lives, then there is no limit to what they can become. With support, Unicef is working towards putting an end to malnutrition.

Unicef is working around the clock to treat children suffering from malnutrition and tackling the root causes of malnutrition, to prevent more children from becoming malnourished. As well as delivering life-saving food for vulnerable children, Unicef is also supporting long-term, sustainable nutrition programmes for mothers and babies and working with the Government of Liberia on an ambitious, nationwide programme to prevent malnutrition for all children under five.

Mango Tree Home

January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. A local nurse named Genevievre found herself caring for 6000 terrified people in the emergency camp at the Dadadou Sports Field in Port Au Prince. Her care was unconditional, her efforts almost super-human and she soon found herself in-charge of 74 children who had lost their parents.

Set up in the immediate aftermath of the disaster by Bob Craft, International Security Advisor for a large American NGO, The Mango Tree Home is a safe family environment for orphans and abandoned children. It has provided solace and support to almost 100 children and is now a permanent family home for 37 children.

Why Unicef?

Established in 1946, Unicef has been protecting and promoting children’s rights for 70 years.

Unicef is the leading organisation working for children. They ensure more of the world’s children are vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation, and have done more to influence laws and policies to help protect children than anyone else.

To read more about Unicef’s aid work for children in danger, please go to

Why Mango Tree Home?

Established in 2010, Mango Tree Home, Haiti has been providing a safe family environment for orphans and abandoned children for almost 10 years.

Mango Tree Home is now at maximum capacity and help is needed to feed, clothe, educate and keep children together in their family home – a comfort that gives these abandoned and bereft children a secure life and immense solace.

To read more about Mango Tree Home, please go to


Individuals can make donations online.
Mango Tree Home

About Vismo

Established in York, UK in 2012, Vismo Ltd. is a Patented and ASIS Accolade Award-Winning Global Tracking Solution designed to locate individuals around the world using an application installed on their smartphone, tablet, personal GPS trackers, satellite trackers or satellite phones. With active users in over 190 countries; Vismo is a proven and scalable Global Tracking Solution that organisations are increasingly turning to as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.

Vismo is used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, NGO agencies and a growing number of SMEs and organisations in the public sector, as a duty of care towards their employees. In line with the continuation of global demand for Vismo’s strategic tracking solutions, Vismo has expanded to the US to better serve its expanding client base in both the US and further globally.

Vismo maintains ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification.