How employers can benefit and protect employees when a local COVID-19 outbreak is announced


With the outbreak of COVID-19 evolving globally and as non-essential travel starts back up in some parts of the world, organisations can benefit from increasing their security measures to ensure the safety of employees’. To protect employees whilst travelling on business and as workers are gradually going back into the workplace, organisations can locate and monitor employees as part of their Duty of Care, helping better inform those workers on matters relating to the pandemic.

In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, organisations can benefit from being able to easily visualise their employees whereabouts, in relation to where those outbreaks are occurring. Benefits can be clearly achieved by ensuring employee safety is at the forefront of planning. If an emergency situation arises, the organisation will be able to identify the employees location and communicate with them to provide critical information and updates.


Employees can activate the Vismo App from their smartphone or tablets to provide location updates to the Vismo Secure Portal. The App works in the background of the device and has minimal impact on battery life. Managers of an organisation can log into the Vismo Secure Portal to monitor the location updates.

Live data from Johns Hopkins University and the UK Government is integrated into the Vismo Secure Portal, updating COVID-19 data on a near real-time basis. Managers of an organisation can view local outbreaks of COVID-19 cases in relation to their employees’ location. In the case of a local outbreak, organisations can utilise Vismo to search for the affected area and quickly identify employees in the vicinity. From here, a Mass Notification can be sent to the employees to inform them of the local outbreak. These messages can be personalised through the Vismo Secure Portal, incorporating clear instruction on corporate policy and sent to employees within a specific geographic area such as where the local outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred. A Mass Notification can also be sent to a much wider audience, this could be a company-wide announcement to alert employees of a situation or a change to corporate policy relating to the pandemic. Employee response options can be tailored to the situation such as responding ‘I am safe’ or ‘I am unsafe, I require assistance’. These responses will then enable managers to visually view on the Vismo Secure Portal the affected individuals and those who require assistance.

The Mass Notifications can be sent via multiple channels SMS, Email, In-App messaging or an Automated Phone Call. These messaging channels can be sent simultaneously or cascaded through the channels after a set time period, these can also be looped until a response is received.

Example Case Study:

  • 10.24am: A local outbreak of COVID-19 is announced.
  • 10.26am: An organisation logs onto the Vismo Secure Portal and finds the area of the local outbreak and the employees within the vicinity.
  • 10.28am: An ‘incident’ is created on the Vismo Secure Portal and a Mass Notification is created stating ‘Company Announcement: There is a local outbreak of COVID-19 in your area. Please return home immediately. Do you have any symptoms? Symptoms include: a high temperature, a continuous cough or a loss in taste or smell.’
  • 10.29am: The Mass Notification is sent out to everyone in the affected area via SMS, Email, In-App message and an Automated Phone Call.
  • 10.30am: Responses are received within the Vismo Secure Portal with responses from employees.
  • 10.31am: Cases can be escalated to the relevant personnel to follow the organisational guidelines.


As the example above displays, the Vismo Secure Portal can be utilised to identify the initial outbreak of COVID-19 through to notifying employees via the Mass Notification system within a very short time frame. With the COVID-19 outbreak evolving daily, organisations need monitoring and communication systems in place in the event of an emergency. Organisations have a Duty of Care towards their employees and their safety and wellbeing as workers begin to return to the workplace. Implementing a system that identifies COVID-19 hotspots and enables managers of the organisation to quickly send a company-wide announcement to provide employees critical information is vital.


Implementing a fit for purpose monitoring system like Vismo to locate employees for safety purposes and send Mass Notifications in the event of an emergency can help reduce risk within an organisation. It provides employees with peace of mind knowing if an emergency or local outbreak of COVID-19 occurred, employees can be quickly notified and provided further instruction regarding the situation.

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