Vismo Pre-GSX Demonstration Webinars – Register Today!

Vismo is holding two pre-GSX demonstration webinars during September, one focusing on organizations with internationally traveling employees and the other demonstrating how to better protect domestic Lone Workers using Vismo.

Like many organizations, your working practices will have changed due to COVID-19. You may now have more staff working alone or away from the office and are recognising the need for increased security measures to protect the safety of your employees during current and future outbreaks. Join us for a brief no-obligation webinar to understand how Vismo is helping employers like yours to meet their organizational Duty of Care and better protect their employees.

Protecting Traveling Employees – 16th September

This webinar on the 16th September will demonstrate how organizations can react to a local outbreak of COVID-19 and effectively communicate vital information to employees within the affected area using Vismo Mass Notification.

Protecting domestic Lone Workers – 17th September

The Lone Worker webinar on the 17th September will demonstrate how your organization can protect domestic Lone Workers through monitoring their location for safety, creating Assignments for workers and supporting employees should they need to raise a Red Alert through the Vismo App.

Ready to discover the benefits of protecting mobile employees? Join the relevant webinar to find out more. These webinars will share our knowledge of the commercial and moral benefits that innovative, forward-thinking employers are experiencing by using Vismo.