The nights are getting darker, have you implemented measures to protect your Lone Workers?

As the nights get darker, risks to Lone Workers increase. Do you have extra measures in place to protect your Lone Workers? Implementing a monitored solution can help you better manage the increased risk workers face when out in the community or working alone in general.

The Vismo App & Portal enables operation teams to monitor locations for safety, providing accurate and up to date information to those in the field. The App also incorporates many features to enhance traveller safety including the Red Alert feature which allows a worker to raise an alert if they find themselves in an emergency. Having the ability to discreetly activate an alert within the Vismo App or having timed Check-Ins provides peace of mind for workers out in the community. The Red Alert feature discreetly records audio once activated, to enable security teams to listen and better understand the situation at hand.

Another key feature is the Mass Notification capability from the Vismo Portal. The feature enables managers to send Mass Messages to either large groups or people in a certain geographic area. If an incident occurs, the Vismo Portal can quickly identify the incident area and send a Mass Notification to those in the affected area. There are many other features of Vismo to protect workers when out in the community. The Check-In feature can inform the security team when the user is entering a high-risk area or leaving a client visit for example.  

To protect the privacy of employees, the Vismo App has a Privacy Mode feature. This enables individuals to enter this mode as and when they wish, to protect their privacy. If an individual is in privacy mode and an emergency arises, the Red Alert can still be activated within the Vismo App, to inform the operations team of the situation. This provides privacy to employees whilst also supporting Lone Workers if an incident was to occur.

Employers have a legal and moral Duty of Care towards Lone Workers and protecting them with highly capable health and safety measures is essential for their safety and peace of mind. Implementing Vismo to improve worker safety can provide a clear ROI, help improve employer/employee relations and help protect corporate brand values.

If your organisation needs to increase measures to protect Lone Workers, especially with the darker nights, arrange a demonstration today: