Protect employees working on-board ships and vessels with Vismo

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping industry has come under immense pressure to ensure the commodities are received at the dock on time, as well as ensuring staff are safe. The individual measures different countries have implemented require constant review, as local restrictions of the vessel destination need to be clearly understood. Organisations need an efficient system in place to know the location of all vessels in real-time and to be able to efficiently review the situation with COVID-19 at the destination.

Using the Vismo Secure Portal, vessels can be tracked and viewed in real-time on the map, along with individual locations of staff. This could be staff working on the vessel or at the port destination. Vismo can be activated on smartphone devices as well as satellite devices if there is limited or no mobile coverage. The vessels can be added as a Point of Interest (POI) layer on the Vismo Secure Portal, enabling them to be seen in relation to employees on the map. Other layers can be added to the map such as oil rigs in various locations, these can then be viewed in relation to employees or other assets.

Vismo incorporates live feeds into the Secure Portal, enabling organisations to view world alerts in relation to their travelling vessels. By having this ability to view real-time alerts, organisations can have more transparency regarding incoming situations. When an alert comes into the Secure Portal, organisations can then send out a Mass Notification from the Portal to large groups or people in the specific geographic area. This provides peace of mind to both the employer and employee, knowing they can be contactable in the event of an emergency.

Vismo incorporates daily updates of COVID-19 confirmed cases from Johns Hopkins University. This provides clear transparency to organisations when analysing the COVID-19 situation at their vessel’s destination. The cases can be clearly viewed in any area, as a POI on the map. Enabling organisations to add the POI layer to map to view their vessels in relation to the COVID-19 data. Having this information readily available within one Secure Portal helps with contingency planning whilst also putting the safety of workers first.

It is vital for organisations to take a proactive approach to safety management and implement measures to protect employees and their safety. This ensures workers are better prepared and organisations know staff are easily contactable regarding world alerts whilst also knowing the local situation with COVID-19 at their destination.

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