Introducing the new Vismo Wellbeing Feature

Vismo has introduced an additional feature to assist organisations in understanding and supporting their employees’ wellbeing. Over the past year there has been a significant increase in those working away from other colleagues and those working from home. Many different processes have had to change and adapt to the new circumstances we face, to ensure employees are protected and safe. However, research has shown many employees are struggling with their mental health, which is impacting their overall wellbeing. Indicating that more measures need to be implemented in order for employees to feel supported within the workplace.

Vismo is helping organisations to easily deploy an ability to know when an employee needs extra support. The new feature is a wellbeing tile, enabling employees to go to the Vismo App and press how they are feeling on that particular day, whether that be ‘Good’, ‘OK’ or ‘Not Good’. The employer can decide the next steps if an employee has pressed ‘Not Good’, this could include calling a helpline, requesting a follow up or the employee can remain anonymous. Employers can also deploy a daily or periodic prompt to workers to proactively enquire about their wellbeing.

User Scenario


3.30pm – Employee receives a notification (prompt) to ask how they are feeling today.

3.31pm – Employee goes to the Vismo App and presses they are feeling ‘OK’ today.


11.10am – Employee receives a notification from the Vismo App to ask how they are feeling.

11.11am – Employee goes to the Vismo App and presses they are ‘Not Good’.

11.12am – Vismo App asks the employee if they would like to call the helpline, request a follow-up or remain anonymous.

11.13am – Employee chooses to call the helpline and chats to a member of the team. Immediate support is provided to the employee.

Organisations can view this data within the Vismo Secure Portal to understand how their workforce are feeling. By protecting employees, this can improve general wellbeing and happiness which in turn is likely to lead to an increase in productivity. Arrange a demonstration to understand how Vismo can help you better protect your employees:

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