Are you prepared for when international travel resumes?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected travel around the world and caused both business and leisure travel to come to a halt. With the success of the COVID-19 vaccines, many countries are seeing success protecting people against the virus. In the coming weeks and months, international travel is likely to resume in countries with low COVID-19 cases and with successful vaccination programmes. Organisations have a moral obligation and a duty of care to implement measures to ensure their employees are safe whilst travelling.

As COVID-19 cases are rising in some parts of the world through second or third waves, organisations and workers need to stay cautious and vigilant when travelling. Vismo has integrated COVID-19 data from Johns Hopkins University into the Vismo Secure Portal. Organisations can easily view the COVID-19 cases in relation to the location of their travellers, providing organisations with the knowledge to make better informed decisions.

As well as the Vismo App, Vismo provides solutions suitable for those who are travelling to more remote areas, where cellular coverage may not be guaranteed. Vismo supports the Iridium 9575 and Garmin inReach Explorer+ and Mini, as well as many others. The Vismo App and Satellite devices all have a Panic Alert, enabling travellers to activate this in cases of emergencies. On activation, this will immediately notify security teams via SMS, email and/or an automated phone call. This provides peace of mind for travellers, knowing they can instantly inform someone if there is an incident.

Security teams can send a Mass Notification to travellers via the Vismo Secure Portal, this could be sent to all travellers or to those in a specific geographic area. This capability ensures travellers rapidly receive critical information in the event of an incident, these notifications can be delivered via an in-app message. The Mass Notification can include response options, to check the safety of the travellers. These responses are then categorised on the Vismo Secure Portal and administrators can escalate situations on a case-by-case basis. This provides organisations with an immediate way of sending critical information and understanding who requires assistance, this can play a vital part in an employer’s continuity plan whilst also reducing risk.

To better understand the traveller’s location, organisations can set up virtual Geo-Fences within the Vismo Secure Portal. When a traveller enters or exits an area, it will automatically inform the organisation through SMS and/or email, this will include the name of the Geo-Fence, the traveller’s last known location, date and time. Geo-Fences can be set up for any area the organisation would like, this could be places of safety such as an approved hotel or the office block, or this could be areas of high-risk. This tool better informs organisations of the traveller’s location and enables them to take action if required.

In some parts of the world, travel is starting to resume, whether that be domestically or internationally. Implementing measures is an effective way of reducing risk and better protecting your employees. To find out how Vismo can help protect your travelling employees, contact us today:

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