Vismo announces the launch of the Vismo Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App is now live and available to help organisations better manage alerts triggered by employees. The new Monitor App delivers notifications and alerts directly to a mobile device of designated administrators to ensure support can be immediately provided, even if they are away from their PC.

All of the important details are displayed such as the individuals last known location on the map, the time and date the alert was activated, phone number and email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated. The administrator can directly call the individual from the Monitor App, ensuring a quick and efficient process.

The Monitor App ensures employers have all of the necessary information to hand so they can act quickly when a staff member finds them in a critical situation. This provides organisations with an easy-to-use tool to ensure they can closely monitor and respond to alerts. Employees gain peace of mind knowing their monitoring teams have all the information they need to provide support, even when they are away from their desks.

Vismo helps organisations better protect their employees in many different industries, from those travelling globally to those who have staff who work alone in the community.

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