HawkSight Software and Vismo Announce Partnership

HawkSight SRM, providers of award-winning security risk management software, and Vismo, patented global tracking specialist, announce a partnership that delivers an enhanced solution for monitoring, tracking, and assisting travellers to high risk and remote locations.

The partnership integrates Vismo’s location-based tracking data into the HawkSight Software interface, enabling organisations to analyse, mitigate and manage their security risks across multiple projects from a single platform.

“HawkSight Software plays an important role in ensuring the safety of global travellers, we are delighted that Vismo has been selected to fulfil the role of providing HawkSight Software with location tracking data to support this goal.” said Colin Dale, VP Business Development of Vismo.

Paul Mercer, Managing Director of HawkSight SRM said: “It’s important to us that our clients can confidently integrate the data feeds they normally work with into HawkSight Software. It’s what makes it such a powerful tool in the analysis, mitigation and management of security risks be that for a single site or a global network. I’m delighted that we can now offer clients the option to integrate Vismo with the HawkSight Software platform.”

Vismo’s innovative software is also available on selected satellite phones providing tracking and security even in the most remote places on earth. The application enables employee tracking, monitoring of locations during crisis incidents, a covert panic button to send alerts in real time using SMS and email. Privacy mode allows users to choose when to be tracked without compromising safety. It’s Geo-Fencing capability allows organisations to define high-risk areas and receive alerts as employees enter and leave them.

The Vismo app is used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, NGO agencies and a growing number of SMEs and organisations in the public sector, as a duty of care towards their employees. Vismo is committed to data security, recently gaining the gold standard ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification.

For more information contact enquiries@vismo.com or call us on +44 (0) 1904 616666.



Vismo makes charitable donation to Unicef

UNICEF-300x60Vismo, global tracking specialist, has made a charitable donation to Unicef.

Rather than sending Christmas cards and corporate gifts to customers, Vismo made the decision to contribute £2018 to support Unicef’s relief efforts in Rohingya, to help children fleeing violence.

Unicef is working day and night to meet the needs of over 600,000 Rohingya children at risk in both Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Why Unicef?

For over 70 years, Unicef has worked to improve the lives of children and their families. In an emergency, children can lose everything.

Today, children in places like Syria, South Sudan, Yemen and Ukraine are caught up in violent conflict, with millions forced to flee their homes.

Others, in countries such as Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines, have seen their communities destroyed by natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons and flooding.

Wherever and whenever children are caught up in emergencies, Unicef staff are on the ground, providing immediate, life-saving care and supplies, as well as lasting support to help families rebuild their lives.

To read more about Unicef’s aid work for children in danger, please go to www.unicef.org.uk


Individuals can make donations online – https://www.unicef.org.uk/donate/

Using a tracker in a hostile environment? Why you still need to make sure you have analogue support as well.

Author: Matt Timblin

Publication Date: November 4, 2016

Published: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/using-tracker-hostile-environment-why-you-still-need-make-timblin/

The use of trackers – particularly ones that sit as mobile applications – has grown over the last few years. From everyday apps like “Find Friends”, through ones offered at a more commercial level, integrated organizationally or by individuals such as Vismo and then a whole host of other options in between.

trackingThere was a time that such technology was little used by individuals traveling to high risk environments and was the preserve of the bigger organizations; but times have changed and these applications have become accessible to pretty much anyone with a smartphone. The trouble is that with this accessibility often comes reliance and misplaced confidence. More and more I hear people tell me that they are using a tracker with panic alarm as the mainstay of their risk management strategy but, when you delve a little deeper, things are often amiss.

A tracker and panic alarm might alert someone to the fact that you are in trouble and where you are…but it is the human response that will determine how that information is leveraged.

This is particularly true of what I will call the “lone” user who subscribes to one of the many potential offerings in this field. They are confident that, if things go wrong, they can press the button and raise the alarm. Unfortunately, what seldom seems to accompany this is the “and then what”? If you are going to use a tracking device and panic alarm, it is probably worth considering the following few questions;

  • Will it work?? Most smartphone applications rely on mobile data – is there coverage and do you have enough credit to sustain its use.
  • Do you have a back-up plan? Have you agreed a comms / check in schedule with anyone?
  • Who is alerted at the other end when the alarm goes off? Do they know they are the emergency response?
  • What do you want them to do if they receive the alarm? Have you briefed them on this?
  • Do they have contact numbers for people you are with and who they should call first?

Technology is great and its continuous evolution provides new and innovative ways to help manage and respond to threats. It should never be used on its own though and needs to have resiliency built in by way of a robust plan – this is never truer than when working in high risk environments.

However good our digital solutions are, they still need an ‘analogue’ human accompaniment for maximum effectiveness.

A tracker and panic alarm is only the initial trigger. What comes next and how effective the response will be depends, in large part, on what answers you have for the questions posed above.

Vismo strengthens its protection of user information through gaining ISO 27001 certification

iso27001Vismo, a leader in global tracking solutions, with its downloadable app for smartphones, iPhone and Android, and satellite phones, has gained ISO 27001 certification, which will help the company safeguard user data loss or compromise caused by human or technical error, physical theft, damage or cyber attack.

“ISO 27001 is the accepted global gold standard for information security management,” says Colin Dale, VP Business Development, Vismo. “Certification means we have put in place an industry best practice framework of policies and procedures which includes all physical, technical and legal controls involved in our information risk management processes.

“In practice, this means that every responsibility and business process in the company conforms to ISO 27001. Gaining the certification is one of the steps we at Vismo have taken to safeguard all data and information generated by the Vismo app and its users.

“The steps include the physical security of our offices and data facilities, including penetration testing, ensuring data security is world class.”

In addition to ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification, Vismo is ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management.

The Vismo app is used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, NGO agencies and a growing number of SMEs and organisations in the public sector, as a duty of care towards their employees.

For more information on Vismo visit https://www.vismo.com, contact enquiries@vismo.com or call us on +44 (0) 1904 616666.


Vismo Wins ASIS Accolades 2017 Security’s Best Winner Award – 2nd Year Running


ASIS17 accolades Securitys best winner

The Vismo Team are delighted to announce that VismoStream has been chosen by the ASIS International organisation as a winner of the 2017 ASIS Accolades Security’s Best competition, which recognises the industry’s most innovative new technologies, products, services and solutions. A team of judges representing end users and technology experts evaluated all entries before selecting VismoStream as one of the most innovative solutions for 2017.

VismoStream allows instant encrypted transmission of live video and audio from any traveller’s Vismo-enabled smartphone, anywhere in the world, direct to the Vismo Secure Portal for live viewing and storage. The function relays critical real-time information to Control Centre Personnel, allowing for a faster and more effective response.

In addition, SMS and email alerts can be generated and all VismoStream feeds are automatically recorded and stored for viewing any time from the Vismo Secure Portal.


“We are delighted to receive The ASIS Accolades Security’s Best Award and have VismoStream recognised as one of the most innovative solutions for 2017” said Colin Dale, VP Business Development for Vismo.

Vismo collaborates with clients and partners to continually develop features and products that improve user safety globally.


Find out more about VismoStream: https://www.vismo.com/products/vismostream

Vismo to exhibit at 63rd ASIS International Exhibition in Dallas, Texas


Vismo will be in Dallas, Texas from September 25 to September 28, 2017 for the ASIS 63rd International Security Conference & Exhibition— one of the security industry’s largest, most influential trade shows and networking events.

Vismo is following on from huge success at the ASIS 2016 Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, where Vismo’s personal panic button, the Vismo-Alert, was chosen by the ASIS International organisation as a winner of the 2016 ASIS Accolades Security’s Best Award. Recognising the Vismo-Alert as one of the most innovative solutions within the industry, Vismo has made further technical developments to the overall Panic Button functionality to further heighten the safety of the end-user. These developments will be launched at the ASIS International 2017 exhibition in Dallas.

Part of the launch at ASIS will include further enhancements to the existing Check-In function. The Check-In function, which enables users to submit their immediate location information back to the Vismo platform, has been augmented with an additional Safety Timer. Specifically designed to enhance the safety of travellers and lone workers who may face periods of increased or additional risk, Vismo’s Timed Check-Ins allow users to set a countdown timer which will automatically trigger an alert if it is not explicitly cancelled.


Other key features of Vismo include:


GPS Tracking
Regular GPS fixes to a secure web platform, allows your Crisis Management Team to view current locations, historical trails, battery life and location accuracy.
Crisis Management
When global incidents occur, use Vismo to show the latest position of any employee in the vicinity and instantly send an e-mail and/or SMS to all to advise the appropriate action.
Panic Button
Users can initiate the Vismo Panic Button from their Vismo-enabled smartphone or GPS tracker to trigger an immediate alert via SMS and e-mail in real time to key contacts.
Define high-risk areas and safe zones by drawing any shape onto a map. Receive e-mail and SMS alerts as employees enter and leave Geo-Fences.
Privacy Mode
Protect users’ personal privacy without compromising safety. Privacy Mode lets users choose when to be tracked whilst keeping the Panic Button feature.
Smartphone & Tablet
Vismo is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry in addition to Iridium and other satellite devices.


If you are attending ASIS 2017, come and visit Vismo at Booth 4469 where you can explore Vismo’s functionalities and products and trial Vismo for yourself!

For more information on Vismo, visit http://www.vismo.com, contact enquiries@vismo.com or call us on +44 (0) 1904 616666.


Vismo Global Tracking Application Introduces New Timed Check-in Functionality

Vismo has now enhanced its existing Check-In function! The Check-In function, which enables travellers to submit their immediate location information back to the Vismo platform, has been augmented with an additional Safety Timer function.

Specifically designed to enhance the safety of travellers and lone workers who may face periods of increased or additional risk, Vismo’s Timed Check-Ins allow users to set a timer which will automatically trigger an alert if the traveller does not explicitly cancel it.

For example, if a traveller is required to enter a high-risk area for a short period, they may choose to Check-In with the control centre prior to entering the area and configure an appropriate safety timer (e.g. 30 minutes), which they may cancel once they have safely left the area. If the user fails to cancel the timer, the control centre is automatically notified by Vismo, regardless of whether the device is in mobile coverage, or even still working! As with other notifications, these can be configured to send an e-mail and/ or an SMS message.

The Timed Check In feature is available immediately on the Vismo Smartphone Application, which operates on iPhone and Android phones.

Timed Check Ins 1

For more information on Vismo, visit www.vismo.com or contact us on +44 (0) 1904 616666.